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Preparing for consensus discussion and decision

At the LWVAL Convention in Tuscaloosa on May 20, 2007, state League delegates voted to continue the Study of the Alabama Legislature 
into Phase II. This portion of the study addresses, "the appropriateness of various forms of Initiative and Referendum as possible additions to the legislative process."

In Spring, 2008, local Leagues will hold meetings to discuss the issue of I&R. It is through this grassroots member discussion that the state consensus opinion is reached. All members are strongly encouraged to participate in this most fundamental League process. A complete statement of the LWVAL consensus
policy can be found on the LWVAL website at:
(pages 5 and 6).

To prepare for the consensus meetings, please read and consider the following resource materials.

  • Politics in the States and the Initiative Process -- The current status of Initiative and Referendum in the states. Drawn from Chapter 5, “The Initiative Process,” by Shaun Bowler and Todd Donovan, in Politics and the American States: A Comparative Analysi. edited by Virginia Gray and Russell L. Hanson. (pdf, doc)

Consensus Questions (pdf, doc) - Please print these questions and bring to your local League's I&R consensus meeting(s).

Also, you can visit LWVAL Dialogue (the LWVAL blog) at
to participate online
in discussion and debate with other Alabama League members regarding this issue.

If you have questions about the I&R Study or about these materials, please contact a member of the LWVAL I&R Resource Committee:

Charlotte Ward, Chair

Nancy Ekberg

Sarah McDonald

Ruth L. Wright

Thank you!

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